What To Bring:
• If Planning to fish, everyone in your party who is 16 or older will require a
State of Alaska Fishing License. License are available locally, or on- line at:  
• Camera
• Extra film / Memory / Batteries
• Waterproof rubber-soled footwear(leather-soled shoes and cowboy boots have
VERY poor traction on a wet deck)
• Warm, layered clothing
• Rain gear
• Lunch/snacks/drinks.  

What To Wear:
•It is very important to dress in layers with a waterproof outerlayer.  Summer
conditions range from highs of sunny and 70 degrees down to rain, wind, and
45 degrees.  All the layers in the world are useless if they get wet, so be sure to
bring along waterproof pants and coat.  Even if cheap and disposable, some form
of raingear will still block most wind and rain.

Motion Sickness:
• If you think you might be prone to motion sickness, or have never ventured
on the ocean before, be sure to take preventative measures!  Motion sickness has
ruined the day for many a boater.  

Scopolamine Patch:   http://www.transdermscop.com
If concerned about motion sickness, speak with your doctor about a prescription
for the Scopolamine patch.  Many boaters have far better results with the patch
than with Dramamine or Bonine.  For best results,
put your patch on the night
before the trip.

Dramamine and Bonine:
Neither of these medications take effect immediately.  They DO NOT work
if you take them after you've begun to feel sick. For best results, take one
pill the night before the trip and one the morning of (Consult your doctor
or pharmacist before taking any dose not specified by the manufacturer).

Fish Processing:
• Fish filleting facilities are available for use free-of-charge at the Harbor.
• If you wish to have your fish vacuum packed, frozen, smoked, or shipped,
contact either of the following companies and ask for a Free fish pick-up.

Coal Point Seafoods        
Homer Fish Processing    www.myalaskafish.com

• Shipping fish home is costly.  Many choose to pack lightly or bring along
clothes which are disposable in order to leave more room for checking fish as
baggage on the way home.
• Styrofoam-lined fish boxes are available locally for shipping your fish. These
boxes will keep fish frozen for up to 24 hours.  Alaska Airlines has freezers in
some airports to store fish should your flight be delayed.  Check with your
airline ahead of time to see if freezer space will be available
should your flight be delayed.
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