Halibut Fishing:
Homer is the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World!"
Bayes Boat Rental allows you the flexibility to pursue
these prized flatfish on your own terms and own schedule
WITHOUT being subjected to the restrictive size limits
imposed upon anglers fishing aboard Charter Boats.

Great to eat and easy to catch, rockfish are often a welcome alternative to
the heavier tackle and deeper waters associated with halibut fishing.  It's
not uncommon for everyone on-board to be hooked-up at once when
targeting rockfish; making them an ideal target for young fishermen or
those new to fishing.  Black bass are the most commonly caught rockfish, with  
yellow eye, tiger rockfish, quillbacks, and dusky rockfish being frequently
caught as well.   Many of our customers from Florida and the Gulf States
compare rockfish to grouper and snapper as table fare.  

•King Salmon Year-round
King salmon are highly regarded as Alaska's most prized and elusive fish.   
Most anglers choose to troll for Kings using Downriggers.  Popular King
destinations are The Bluffs and the waters near Seldovia.   Kings can also be
found at various locations in the Bay depending upon baitfish patterns and

•Silver Salmon July 25th-Sept 1st
Plentiful and aggressive, silver fishing can be fast and furious.  Double and
triple hookups are common-place when a school of silvers are found, and it
is not uncommon to catch a limit in an hour or two.   Most will choose to troll
for silvers using Downriggers, but they can also be caught casting or mooching.

• A full refund will be given if trip is cancelled with a minimum two weeks
• A full refund will be given if the vessel is unable to leave port due to weather
or mechanical issues.  Vessels may NOT leave port if a Small Craft Advisory is
in effect for Kachemak Bay on the morning of the rental.  Renters will not be
charged for days when a Small Craft Advisory prevents use of the Vessel.
• No shows and last minute cancellations will result in a full fare charge.
2 Halibut per day.  No
Size Restrictions or
annual limits!
May 15th- Sept 15th
King Salmon
2 per person per day*
May 15th - July 1st
Silver Salmon
3 per person per day
July 25th - Aug. 25th
5 per person per day**
June 15th - Sept. 1st
2 per person per day***
July 1st - Sept. 1st
*Some areas near salmon spawning grounds allow only 1 king
salmon per day.
**Only 1 of the 5 rockfish may be a Yelloweye or other
Non-Pelagic rockfish.
***The minimum size lingcod which may be retained is 35
inches.  Lingcod may not be retained before July 1st.
One Day Rental
$625 Per Day
Multi-Day Rental
$549 Per Day
Rentals of 5 or More Days
$499 Per Day
-Prices DO NOT include fuel or 7.5% Sales Tax

Lost Halibut Rod & Reel replacement fee: $250 Each
Lost Salmon Rod and Reel replacement fee: $180 each.
Lost Downrigger Ball replacement fee: $40 each.
Lost Downrigger fee:  $275 each.

PLEASE NOTE: All equipment aboard the Vessel is the
responsibility of the Renter.  Lost or damaged equipment will
be replaced immediately and billed(at actual cost) to the
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