Single Day:  $625 + sales tax.

Multi-Day:  $549 per day + sales tax.

Week-Long(5 or more consecutive days):  $499 per day + sales tax.

Fuel is the responsibility of the Renter.  Typical fuel-use is 30 - 50 gallons per day.

A $300 per day deposit is required to hold all reservations.  This deposit will be
applied toward your balance.

For the duration of the rental, a $1000 DAMAGE deposit will be placed upon the
credit card of the person operating the vessel.

In order to use the on-line booking option, you must possess either a Boater's Ed
certificate(can be from any organization/state) or a USCG Merchant Marine
Credential.  If you possess neither certification, but DO have prior experience
Captaining a Vessel on Alaskan Saltwater, then please call us directly to book.  

A FREE Boater's Ed class/certificate is available on-line at https://www.boatus.
org/alaska/   Bayes Boat Rental recommends that ALL boat renters, regardless of
previous boating experience, complete a Boater's Ed course.

• A full refund will be given if trip is cancelled with a minimum two weeks notice.
• A full refund will be given if the vessel is unable to leave port due to weather
(Small Craft Advisory in effect for Kachemak Bay) or mechanical issues.
• No shows and last minute cancellations will result in a full-fare charge.

Rental Requirements:
-Person renting and operating the vessel must be at least 25 years of age and
possess a valid Driver's License.

-Person renting and operating the vessel must sign an affidavit which attests to
their having extensive experience operating a power vessel upon Kachemak
Bay/Cook Inlet OR that they have successfully completed a boater education
course.  Boater's ed courses are available for FREE at

-Fuel is the responsibility of the Renter.   The Renter shall be charged the actual
price of fuel as well as a $40 convenience fee should the vessel be returned with a
fuel tank which is not full.

-The Renter and all passengers are required to sign a Rental Agreement and
Waiver of Liability before they will be allowed aboard the Vessel.

-The Vessel may be used between 5:30 AM and 5:30 PM each day of the rental.  
Vessels reserved on multi-day rentals are NOT required to return to the Homer
Harbor each night, but they also may not be in-use, on the fishing-grounds, or
slept aboard before 5:30 AM or after 5:30 PM.  If the vessel will not be returned to
the Harbor each night, prior approval from Bayes Boat Rental is required.

-A Vessel orientation(no-charge) is required and is done the evening before the
rental.  Renters who miss their scheduled orientation will not be able to use the
Vessel, and will lose their deposit.

-Vessel may not be beached, or operated in areas which become un-navigable at
low tide.

-Please Note:  Bayes Boat Rental reserves the Right to Refuse Rental to any party
or individual

Vessel Capacity and Operating Range:
-Maximum Capacity of the vessel is 7 persons, with a combined total passenger
weight of no-more than 950 lbs.  However, vessel performance and "fishability"
decreases with more than 4 adults.

-The operating range, for operators with previous experience operating a vessel on
Kachemak Bay or Cook Inlet, is within a 25 mile radius of the Homer Harbor.  
The Southern limit of this range is the North-end of Flat Island.  The Northern
limit of the range is Anchor Point.  

Planning your trip?  Check-out our WHAT TO BRING page for information
on seasickness prevention, fishing licenses, and fish processing.

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